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Bob Benson

"My photographic perspective is, mainly, simple is better.  Simple backgrounds, foregrounds, or even non-existent."

My photography presents uncomplicated art images.  I strive to give viewers a lens into a scene that they can relate to, can imagine themselves there, and that simplifies the scene for them into its most straightforward essence.


Recently I have emphasized simplicity, spareness,  in my images.  This often means little or no foregrounds and minimal backgrounds;  this also means little breadth on either side.  I work for a focus on the image object,  often coming to a minimalist result.  Even in landscape and urban settings I work towards these goals. 


Mostly, in my history, I have been a print film guy.  Beginning with black-and-white nearly 70 years ago I often work with low-contrast rather than high-contrast images.  When film was the only available color medium,  I chose to work in color print because, in my view,  the effect of transparency film was to over-emphasize intensity and contrast in color rather than a portrayal of simple uncomplicated images.  Today in the digital age I continue to do some work in print film, but also now I work mostly in relatively low-intensity digital images.  I do some digital image processing to adjust perspective and sharpening and the color saturation adjustment when necessary … and most recently, software filters that give an oil painting look to the image.  I prefer to display black/white and color in large images, mostly 30x30 and larger square prints which emphasize the “spareness” and simplicity noted above.



BOB BENSON - The Collections

"Spare N Square" - 'spare' to reduce foreground and background, 'square' to reduce complexity from the right and left of the image.


"Simplicity" - the image stripped to a simple, even minimalist, perspective.

"Landscapes" - the land in living color.

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