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Bob Benson

"My photographic perspective is, mainly, simple is better.  Simple backgrounds, foregrounds, or even non-existent."

My photographic perspective is, mainly, simple is better. Simple backgrounds, foregrounds, or even non-existent. Until ten years ago I would also have mentioned film philosophies like low contrast, rich colors. But with digital it seems to go the other way, higher contrast, but also rich but not glaring colors. Further, I really try to limit extensive software processing. It is difficult because the available toolsets have become so strong and usable. 


All previous photographic exhibitions and Gallery 12 hangings have been about landscape. I’d never explored abstracts much, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to grow. And it has been.The theme for my current work is the same as above…simple is better, high contrast and color.  But from an enjoyability perspective, it’s been the ability to find abstract patterns in non-abstract situations, for example, baseball stadiums, architecture, plants. I hope the viewers here get the same or maybe even more enjoyment as I get.




Bob Benson

The Collections

"Simplicity" - the image stripped to a simple, even minimalist, perspective.

"Landscapes" - the land in living color.


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