Sally Allen

My current work is representing my perceptions of the transcendental moments of being in the rugged landscape around Kanopolis Lake in the Smoky Hills of North Central Kansas.

The majority of my portfolio is produced in oil paint. I work some plein air, but most paintings are created in the studio using photos that I have taken while in the landscape. When I am in the landscape I am aware of the heightened senses, the harmonies in nature, the stripping away of the human noise and the strong atmospheric conditions that create the breathtaking dramas in the big skies. In my paintings I try to communicate these experiences rather than just a record of the physical environment.

It is my hope that when you view my work it will touch you in some way; stirring your aesthetic sensibilities, possibly jogging a memory or emotion of your own experiences in the great Kansas landscape, and to celebrate that which is visible.

New Format Divided
Stormy Evening
Mornings, The Whole Day Through
Magic Moment
Alacazam Fantasy
Flyby Little Wing
Love Letter
The Road Ends In The Water
After The Rain



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