Pam Hayes

The power and rhythm of the living land is my inspiration. I enjoy painting and drawing landscapes with a variety of media. Occasionally I use my own photos for reference, but I also find that imagination can be useful in composing landscapes. The variety of color, line and shape found in nature is as intriguing and as stimulating as a song or a poem. The vocabulary for these disciplines is quite similar. For example, the terms "composition", "rhythm" and "movement" apply to both music and art. It is through the visual representation of land and sky that I feel a connection to the world. Peace and joy can be found by attempting to describe in two dimensions the vision of the real land. Whenever I can, I also enjoy creating other forms of art, especially with oil pastels. Florals and animals as subjects lend themselves to the techniques associated with that medium. It feels like drawing and painting at the same time. It is very satisfying to work in that manner. Sometimes the medium chooses the artist rather than the other way around.

The Trees
Roadside View
Near and Far
Light Over the Prairie
Layered Land
Green Hills
Great Smoky Mountains
Gathering Storm
Golden Fields
Burning Hills
Flint Hills Railroad Track
Autumn Pond
Trees of Autumn
Bright Over There
Blue and Green



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